Viking Shield

Historical Viking Shield

This is my latest Viking Shield using the same techniques and materials as those used in the 10th century.

Shield Construction

The shield was constructed out of 8 strips of popular wood glued together, the handle was carved out of a piece of ash and coated with boiled linseed oil. The front and back was covered with sheets of natural linen soaked in glue. The color scheme on the face of the shield was painted with mixture of paint simulate milk paint. The boss, fasteners, bolts and nails were hand forged out of mild steel. The size of the shield is 30" and the weight is approximately 7.25lbs which would have been common to that period.

An interesting fact is that almost no Viking shields were ever found however in Sept, 2008 some 62 miles west of Copenhagen Danish archaeologists found a well-preserved Viking shield dating back to the 10th century, this was the first time such a shield has ever been found in Denmark.

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